By M. B. Hillyard. Balti- more: published by the Manufactuiers' Record Co. 1887. This is a description of the Southern States, noting each State separately, and giving their distinctive features and most salient characteristics, by Mr. M. B. Hillyard, who, probably, more than any other man, has labored since the disastrous rebellion, to develop the industrial resources of the Southern States. The Editor of this magazine, who was for sixteen years on the editorial staff of one of the leading daily papers of Philadelphia, is in a position to know how much is due to this excellent gentleman, who, abandoning promising opportunities for prosperous business in his native State of Delaware, in pure sympathy with the disasters of the South devoted his whole life to the work of building up the desolated region. His labors have benefited and will continue to benefit thousands, though it has not, we believe, been of any especial benefit to himself. Like so many other benefactors of the race, his work in behalf, of progress may not be fully appreciated; but if the pleasure of living is to love, the Colonel - as he is called by all his friends and who is now engaged in pushing a railroad near New Orleans in | order to develop a delightful region - will have had a full measure of happiness in his useful work.

This work of 413 pages will long remain one of standard usefulness to those entering on industrial pursuits in the "New South".