Every one has seen or read of the magnificent Davidson fountain,given by Mr. Henry Probasco to the people of Cincinnati. One of the neighboring boroughs, Clifton, of which Mr. Probasco is Mayor, is now to receive a similar blessing from the same generous hand. It will bear his name, and be placed in front of the Town Hall. There the fountain will be seen to great advantage, with masses of trees and buildings for its background; besides being freely accessible for all its uses, occupying a beautiful situation in more appropriate surroundings. Beneath the old trees, will be placed around the fountain, granite seats of single blocks for rest and enjoyment of the public, as well as hundreds of school children (always a pleasant sight), right in the centre of their play-ground. With the strong pressure of the abundant supply of water from the jets, falling into spray and trickling over the bronze dome into the large basins below, the effect of these sparkling rivulets, surrounded with gas-lights, or in the flashing sunlight in the noonday, shaded by these old trees planted a generation ago, the effect must be beautiful.

The seven immense blocks of Quincy granite now being finished, of which the entire fountain is constructed, are nearly completed; the huge polished basin forms the central mass, 20 feet in circumference, of exquisite proportions in all its lines.

Above this, resting upon a polished, fluted octagonal base, rests the beautiful dome, of exquisite proportions, above which the jets are to play. This, also, is in one immense mass of bronze, modeled in the most artistic manner, covered all over with the leafage of many varieties of waving Water Lilies, from the Egyptian Lotus to our own Pond Lilies, upon which the water will descend slowly into the horse troughs or basins below for dogs and other animals. The effect of this mass of sparkling water upon the summit, designed in so realistic a manner on the curved lines of the bronze dome, is sure to be effective as well as beautiful.

The foundations will be laid next month, so that the whole may be completed and dedicated to the people of Clifton early in the coming spring. In our notice of this gift of the Mayor last August, the village ordinance accepting it fixing the site was named, but as the much better one is now determined, there can be scarcely a doubt of its acceptance.