Just what is the relation is not known, but that there is some relation is patent to all. A correspondent of the Garden well observes of hothouse grapes that "Mrs. Pince and Black Morocco are two varieties that-will often be found of good flavour when the berries are red (if quite ripe). Hamburghs taste sweet and refreshing when claret-colored, but they lack the fine flavour of those that can truly be called Black Hamburghs. Madresfield Court is soft and insipid when not well finished, and of a most objectionable colour - mostly dirty brown. All white grapes are inferior when the amber tint is absent, more especially that noble grape, the Muscat of Alexandria. However large the bunches or fine the berries, if the golden colour is wanting, the berries will be soft and the flavour poor, and shrivelling will follow. When nicely finished they are firm and crackling, and will keep plump well into the new year".