"G. F. H.," Flat Rock, O., writes: "I saw a few days ago, an article from ' Lawrence of the Ohio Farmer' Cleveland, O., in which he claims that Kieffer's Hybrid, LeConte, etc, pears, and in fact all sand pears, could be grown as dwarfs and successfully on the quince stock. I am under the impression, that you some time ago, claimed the contrary. Am I correct?"

[Mr. William Parry, of New Jersey, noted several years ago that the Kieffer pear did not do well. The Editor of this magazine grafted a few on quince for experiment, and these few confirmed Mr. Parry's observations. We have had no further word from anyone on the subject - but have no doubt that though there may be some exceptions, it is safe to say in a general way that these varieties do not do well on quince. - Ed. G. M].