This well known English horticulturist died suddenly on January 1st, in his 65th year. Possibly no man ever did so much for horticulture in the old world. When the writer of this knew him, he was a foreman of the herbaceous plant department of the Royal Botanic Garden, Regent's Park, London, where he fixed that love of botany in connection with horticulture, that made his subsequent career so useful. He was from the first co-editor with Dr. Lindley, and subsequently until recently with Dr. Masters in the Gardeners' Chronicle, one of the editors of the Treasury of Botany, author of a work on Ferns, and in some way or other with most of the leading literary enterprises connected with gardening. For many years and until his death, he was curator at the Apothecaries' Garden, at Chelsea, a position once held by the famous Philip Miller.