Twig Blight In The Pear

Mr. G. L. B. Leighton, President of the Horticultural and Pomological Society of Norfolk, Va., writes that for several years he has been able to tell nine days ahead, when the twig blight in the pear will appear.

Forest Fires

The great enemy to forestry is forest fires. People hesitate to put money into what will take years to establish, and may be only burned at last. The forest area is now computed at 450,000,000. Of this about 10,000,000 go annually under fire. At this rate our whole forest area will disappear in fifty years. Fire is more destructive than the axe of the lumberman. It is a good subject for a forestry convention.

Host Plants Of The Mistletoe, P. 275

If you refer to the volume of the Gardeners' Monthly in which this subject was so fully discussed, I' think you will find that the new fact, that the Mistletoe was wholly confined to the Sour Gum here, was so stated by me at that time.

Swamp Plants, Clethra Alnifolia, P. 276

Probably the principal reason why certain shrubs, plants and trees are found in swamps or moist land is, that the seeds there find favorable conditions for vegetating which are lacking in upland. We have Clethra here on quite dry, sandy places where a partial shade (not too dense) affords sufficient protection for the seeds to come up.

Second Flowering Of Trees

We often get a second bloom on pear trees when a very dry spell is succeeded by abundant rain, and this season the same result has followed excessive rains, and in both cases it appears to be occasioned by loss of the earlier foliage. Hammonton, N. J.

Crossing Peculiarities

Mr. Bennett says in crossing roses he is satisfied that the male parent or pollen decides the color of the seedling. Mr. Heffron says he found the same rule in crossing potatoes.

Potato Beetle In Germany

After all the nonsensical embarrassments to trade in order to protect the European farmers from the Colorado potato beetle, it has got there, and is reported as • very bad this season. The Phylloxera, which they have also punished trade on account of, is also reported as very destructive.

Sweet Red Water Lily

The red variety of Nymphaea odorata, has been supposed to be confined to one locality in Massachusetts. But a correspondent of the Canadian Horticulturist says it is abundant in the small lakes in the northern counties of Ontario, particularly in the Muskoka district.

A White Gerardia

Mr. G. H. Van Wagener of Rye, N. Y., finds a white variety of the pretty purple Gerardia tenuifolia.