"Thos. Meehan, Esq., Germantown, Phila., Pa.

"Dear Sir - In the absence of Prof. Riley I beg to acknowledge the receipt of yours of the 5th inst. The roots of Shepherdia which you sent show no trace of insect injury; neither are they infested by any fungus. The swellings have all precisely the same appearance as those made by nematode worms of the genus Anguillula but no trace of the worms can be found. I doubt if any damage can result from the introduction of these plants. Yours truly, L. O. Howard, Assistant in charge".

It would seem from this that we are possibly to look to some vito-chemical cause, such as produces the potato tuber with its starch, for the cause of the singular appearances.

There is evidently plenty yet to do for those naturalists in looking after new facts in science.