My continued endeavors in improving the most popular flowers have enabled me, in course of time, to introduce flowers of greatest merit, such as Pansy Emperor William, Diadem Pink, Gam-phrena globosa nana compacta, Gaillardia picta Lorenziana, Dianthus, Mourning Cloak and others, and are now crowned with a new, highly considerable success. By the most careful en-, deavors of many years, I have succeeded in raising a new large flowering double Zinnia of the highest possible perfection, which I shall give in the trade this year.

It is not only the most considerable novelty of this year, but it has also, in contrast with the great many novelties of often most dubious merit, introduced by the novelties-fever of the last years, the peculiarity that its real value cannot be sufficiently described. Every man must see the plant itself to be able to appreciate the great value of the same.

Even the plant differs entirely from the old variety by its luxurious, robust growth, and the deep green color of the large leaves. It forms a handsome Dahlia-like bush, of 3 feet and more in height, and above the same are elevated on strong, slender stems, the enormous flowers from 5 to 6 inches across, which appear in uninterrupted succession, and represent in all respects the highest possible perfection. Whilst the flower-leaves of the old double Zinnia lie tile-like, one on another, giving thus to the flower a more flat appearance, the nearly twofold-sized flower-leaves of this new variety are vaulted, and as they are produced in such a great abundance that they often cannot find place enough for development, the flower gets such an elevated face that its appearance is quite another one to that of the old flower. Corresponding to the more robust growth of plant and flower, the colors of the last are more beautiful and intense, partially being really dazzling, and also the richness of shades is a promising one, as tinges appear which are not yet found amongst the old double Zinnias. The magnificent flowers preserve their full beauty during three or four weeks even in the greatest hotness.

By the luxurious growth, and the large bright flowers, this novelty is particularly valuable for large groups, but it will be also of great effect when planted singly or as a border plant in small gardens, and will undoubtedly soon become a general favorite.

The engraving I saw represents a flower of medium-size. I had shown a collection of medium-sized flowers at a meeting of the Erfurt Horticultural Society, where they caused a great sensation, and were generally admired. I believe it is not saying too much, that by careful endeavors of many years, I have raised the ne plus ultra of double Zinnias. John Street 100-103, Erfurt, Germany.