The lawn scythe is now but little used, the lawn mower taking its place, unless on hill-sides or among trees or shrubs, where the lawn mower cannot be worked. Lawn Mowers, (Fig. 115). - The great improvements made in Lawn Mowers during the past few years, and the low price at which they may now be obtained, have made their introduction common to every garden. They are of many sizes, from the small machine that can be easily worked by a boy, and admirably adapted for city garden plots, to the large horse mowers, that may be daily seen in use in our larger parks. We have in use both the " Excelsior " and "Archimedean" Lawn Mowers, and have found them excellent in all respects. The Garden Roller, (Fig. 116), is indispensable to a well kept lawn, and should always follow after mowing, keeping the ground level and compact; and after gravel walks have been raked over, the roller is necessary to smooth them down. The Wooden Lawn Rake, (Fig. 117), is used for raking off lawns previous to and after using the scythe or lawn mower, and for removing dead leaves and other rubbish. The Rake, (Fig. 118), is used to level the surface of the ground after it has been spaded or hoed, and to prepare it for the reception of seeds or plants. Bakes are made of different sizes, for convenience in using between rows of plants, with from six to sixteen teeth. When a crop like cabbages is newly planted, we use the rake in preference to anything else, as raking over the surface before the weeds start to grow, destroys the germ of the weed, never allowing it to appear at all.

Lawn Soythe.

Fig. 114. - Lawn Soythe.

Fig. 115. - Lawn Mower.

Fig. 116. - Roller.