A genus of a single species of climbing habits. Sepals and petals 9 to 15; outer small, spreading, intermediate, orbicular, concave; inner obovate-cuneate, erect, inserted upon the fleshy torus. Stamens 8 or 9, free; anthers dehiscing longitudinally. Ovary 1-celled, with 3 parietal placentas. Name from Berberis, and 2 Berberidopsis 32 resemblance.

1. B. corallina. - Leaves about 3 inches long, alternate, simple, glabrous, petiolate, oblong-cordate, obtuse or acute, spiny-toothed. Flowers crimson, in terminal drooping racemes, leafy at the base. A handsome subscandent shrub from Chili.