Elegant perennial often glaucous herbs with small usually flat leaves and very small paniculate flowers. The species of this genus are remarkable for their graceful habit and numerous small flowers on slender pedicels. The reniform seeds and curved embryo, together with the different habit and small often minute flowers, distinguish this from the allied genera. There are nearly fifty species described, mostly from the South of Europe. From 3 Gypsophila 77 lim e or chalk, and to love, because many of them grow in this soil. 3 Gypsophila 78

1. G. paniculata. - This is one of the best for bouquets and other decorative purposes. It grows from 1 to 3 feet high and bears a great profusion of small white flowers. It is a very diffuse much-branched plant, succeeding best when treated as an annual.

2. G. prostrata. - A trailing species with narrow lanceolate glaucous leaves and pink flowers.

G. muralis, Steveni, elegans, repens, and glaucay syn. acuti-' folia, are similar species with white or pink flowers. The two first are of annual duration.