Another South African genus of showy-flowered herbs, possessing the same peculiarity of opening in bright weather only. Involucral bracts cohering to nearly the summit. Kay-florets neuter, disk-florets perfect. Achenes hairy, with a double pappus of finely-toothed scales. The name is an amplification of 39 Gazania 253 richness.

1. G. splendens. - This trailing perennial plant is much in vogue for bedding, and produces a very brilliant effect in sunny weather. Leaves linear, spathulate, silky, white below. Flower-heads large, ray bright orange with a black and white spot at the base of each floret, disk of a paler yellow. It is believed to be of hybrid origin.

G. Pavonia has pinna-tifid hairy leaves and large handsome flower-heads with broad ray-florets in which the spot at the base is brown with a white central dot and a tinge of green. G. rigens and G. uniflora are two of the original species from which the garden varieties have been raised. The former is near splen-dens, and the latter has smaller pale yellow flowers.