Rhizome tufted or creeping. Fronds once pinnate or pinna-tifid; outer spreading, barren; inner erect, slender, and fertile. Sori linear, covering the under side of the pinnules. Indusium scarious. There are forty species referred to the genus. The name is from 4 Lomaria 497 a border, or fringe, the marginal sori.

1. L. Spicant, syn. Blechnum boreale. Hard Fern. - Fronds tufted, 12 to 18 inches high; barren ones lanceolate in outline, pinnate below, pinnatih'd upwards; pinnules oblong. There are many beautiful crested, fringed and variously lobed varieties. Common in Britain and the temperate and arctic regions of the north.

Woodwardia orientalis is a handsome Japanese Fern of large size with pinnate fronds and pinnatifid pinnse, and the sunken sori in single rows parallel with the midrib.