[A year ago we had the pleasure of presenting, from the pen of Col. Wilder, a valuable chapter on "New Pears that promise well." He has again very kindly yielded to our request, and favored us with the following outlines and accurate pomological descriptions of twenty select new, or recently introduced varieties. It is unnecessary for us to say that the information imparted in this paper is of great value to nurserymen, as well as to amateur cultivators, who feel particularly interested in Pear culture, and are making up large collections. Those only who have actual experience, can appreciate the amount of labor and expense involved in conducting such immense experiments as those from which Col. Wilder has gleaned the results now so liberally communicated. We must take this occasion to express the hope that this year will be a busy one among fruit growers, in all parts of the country, in collecting facts for the great Pomological Convention, to be held in Boston next autumn. Of this we shall have more to say hereafter.] - Ed.