Planters and improvers are now looking over their lists of garden shrubs, flowers, and vines, and may not object to read in our columns, lists of a few that are valuable, if not indispensable; while they are at the same time hardy, and requiring only common garden soil.

The most desirable hardy, deciduous shrubs: Forsythia viridissima; Pink Mezereon, Daphne mezereum; Japan Quince, two sorts, white and scarlet, Cydonia japonica; Double Almond, Amygdalus pumila pl; Double Purple Tree Paeony, Paeonia moutan Banksii; White Persian Lilac, Syringa persica alba; Chinese White Magnolia, Magnolia conspicua; Soulange's Magnolia, M. Soulangeana; Sweet-scented Magnolia, M. glauca; White Fringe Tree, Chionanihus Virginica; Garland Deutzia, Deutzia scabra; ditto gracilis; Broad-leaved Laburnum, Oytissus laburnum latifolia; Rose Acacia, Robinia hispida; White Tartarian Tree Honeysuckle, Lonicera tartarica; Red Tartarian Tree Honeysuckle; Double White Hawthorn, Orategus Oxycantha, alba pl.; Double Pink Hawthorn; Sweet-scented Shrub, Galycanthus florida; Dwarf White Horse Chestnut, Pavia macrostachya; Fragrant Clethra, Cletkra alnifoUa; Oak-leaved Hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia; Venetian Sumac, Rhus cothus; Purple Burning-bush, Euonymus atropurpurea; Buffalo Berry, male and female, Shepherdia argentea; Weigelia rosea and amabilis; Spirea Reevesii and Flore-pleno; Fortuni Billardi and Grandiflora; Mahonia aquifolium and facicularis; Evergreen Thorn, Crataegus Pyracantha; the Virginian and Maryland Stuartia, Stuartia Virginica and Marylandica.

The foregoing will furnish a succession of flowers or ornamental fruit from March to November.

A selection of hardy deciduous shrubs of rapid and bulky growth, suited for masses or screens, for immediate effect, is the following: Common Privet, Iigustrum vulgare; Carolina Syringa, Philadelphus grandiflorus; English Fly Honeysuckle, Lonicera xylosteum; Cornelian Cherry, Cornus mascula; Common White Lilac, Syringa vulgaris alb.; English Filberts, Coryhis avellana; Common Buckthorn, Rhamnus cathartica; Sea Buckthorn, Hippophea rhamnoides.

A few of the finest hardy vines, or climbing shrubs, are the following: Large Flowering Trumpet Creeper, Bignonia (Tecoma) grandiflora; Queen of the Prairies Rose, Rosa ratiaefolia; Chinese Wistaria, purple and white, Wistaria sinensis; Sweet-scented Clematis, Clematis fiammula; Double Purple Clematis, C. verticella, pl.; Monthly Fragrant Honeysuckle, Lonicera belgtca; Chinese Twining Honeysuckle, L. flexuosa; Yellow Monthly Trumpet Honeysuckle, Lonicera frazerii.

The following is a list of hardy shrubs, remarkable for the fragrance of their flowers: Mezereum, Daphne mezereum; Fragrant Cletfrra, Clethra alnifolia; Missouri Currant, Ribes aureum; Sweet-scented Magnolia, Magnolia glauca;

Chinese White do., M. conspicua; Chinese Purple do., M. purpurea; Soulange's do., Ml soulangiana; Common Syringa, Philadelphus coronanus; Sweet-scented Shrub, Calycanthus florida. Fragrant vines or climbing shrubs: Persian and other Lilacs; sweet-scented Clematis, C.flammula; Chinese Wistaria, Wistaria sinensis; Chinese Twining Honeysuckle, Lonicera flexuosa; Monthly Fragrant do., L. Belgica; White Jasmine, Jasminum officinale.

A list of hardy shrubs that will grow in wet places: Willow-leaved Sporia, Sporia salicifolia; Tomentosa do., S. tomentosa; Swamp Globe Flower, Apha-lanthus occidentalis; Leatherwood, Dirca palustris; Sweet Willow, Solix lucidar and all other willows; Clethra, C. alnifolia; Spicewood, Laurus benzoin; Winterberry, Prinos verticillatus.

A list of hardy shrubs that will grow in dry, poor soil: Privet, Ligustrum vulgare; Buckthorn, Rhamnus catharticus; Buffalo-berry, Shepherdia argentea; Bloody Dogwood, Cornus sanguinea; Snowberry, Symphoria racemosa; Jersey Tea, Ceonothus americanus, etc.

In planting garden beds, do not forget the Dielytra spectabilis.

A selection of plants that will succeed in the shade: Rhododendrons and Kalmias; English Ivyt Hedera helix. There are several new varieties of ivy, including the Yellow-berried, the Ragneriana, etc. Aucuba japonica; the several varieties of Box and Tew; the arbor-vitas, of which the golden, the filiformis, etc. Buckthorn, Holly, Missouri Currant and Cornelian Cherry; Daphnemezereum; Clethra alnifolia; Bloody Dogwood, Cornus sanguinea; the Snowberry, Symphora race-mosa; Junipers; Savin, and Styrax grandifolium.

List of hardy evergreen shrubs: American Holly, Ilex opaca; Rhododendrons, Ponticum and Catawbiense, and the Belgic varieties; Laurel, Kalmia latifolia; Prinos glaber; Yews, English, Irish, and American; Savin, Juniperus sabina; Junipers, of which there are several ornamental varieties; Hemlock Spruce treated as a shrub; Torreya taxifolia; Evergreen thorn, Craetegus Pyracantha; Pinus pumilii; Weeping Cyprus, Cupressus pendula.

For a list of the newer evergreens, see page 227 of the volume for 1856.

As rapid growing trees, the following may be mentioned: Populus angulata and the whole list of Poplars; the Dutch or Cork Elm; the American Weeping Elm; the Ash-leaved and Silver Maple.

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