A magnificent variety color fine; bright crimson flowers, very large.

Amongst summer flowering greenhouse plants, it will not be too much to say, that the many fine varieties of achimenia are amongst the most useful and beautiful cultivated. It is indeed difficult to conceive anything more beautiful than a collection of those superb flowers when in a high state of cultivation. At no very remote period the achimenia coccinnea was the only one cultivated, but owing to the rapid introduction within the last few years of new and improved varieties, of almost every color, they are now very numerous; and many of them are extremely beautiful, and well worth all the care which may be bestowed upon them. As summer flowering plants for the greenhouse, they are invaluable; their flowers when once developed continue in perfection for several months.

All lovers of beautiful flowers must admit, that under even ordinary care the achimenia may fairly lay claim to that profuseness of flowering which scarcely belongs to any other genus of plants; and to this can be added, brilliancy of color and beautiful foliage.