Under this heading, a writer in the New York Evening Post states, that "several years ago Dr. Siebold introduced into Europe (from Japan) a flowery tree called Pawlonia imperialis; " and the " strange coincidence " is, as he states it, that this year, during the visit of the Japanese, "it blooms for the first time." The strangest coincidence is, that this article should have been copied, without comment, by a number of our horticultural and agricultural periodicals. The simple fact is, that the Pawlonia was introduced into Europe some twenty years ago, and soon after into this country. We think we saw it in bloom at the nursery of the Messrs. Parsons nearly fifteen years ago, and it is now a common shade tree all over the United States. Instead of the few trees "in several of the Fifth Avenue gardens," there were thousands in bloom at that time in the public streets and parks of New York, and all over the country, and they have bloomed for years past. We are confident that the article in the Post could not have been seen by Mr. Bryant, for we know him to be an intelligent hor- ticulturist as well as a great poet.