Native of the Alps of Europe. Habit compact and very neat. Leaves very small, crowded, elliptical, acute, smooth above and below; margin ciliated with stiff, short, glandular hairs. Flowers terminal, each upon a peduncle about an inch in length; the latter covered with glandular short hairs, and based by a couple of elliptical concave bracts. Calyx very deeply cut into five acute lanceolate segments, covered with short glandular hairs. Tube of the corolla very short. Limb spreading, and divided into five ovate wrinkled lobes; the base of the limb is beautifully striated with delicate purple; the rest white tinged with rose. Filaments long, curved at the base, and there furnished with tufts of inconspicuous, white hairs. Anthers oblong, dark-purplish brown. Style curved. Stigma simple.

A lovely little plant, treating us in March and April with its delicately beautiful flowers in great profusion. Being quite hardy, it may be cultivated in a sheltered shady corner out of doors, in sandy peat. But it will also give much satisfaction as a pot plant; in which case it will require the protection of a cold frame in winter, and the drainage must be most perfect. Cuttings of the young shoots, just becoming hard at the base, Toot pretty freely in very sandy peat in a cool frame with a northern aspect.