We have seen accounts in the newspapers, this season, concerning the enormous size and wonderful productiveness of this fruit, which appeared almost incredible. Messrs. Geo. Seymour & Co., nurserymen, of Norwalk, Conn., who grow it largely, sent us a box of specimens; and, although received in a damaged state, we could see that it is really a superb fruit - larger and rounder than the High-Bush, of Boston. We have just received the following account of this fruit from Mr. Chas. Downing, who has given it a personal examination. We are happy to be able to give such satisfactory information from a source every way entitled to confidence:

"Having heard a good deal about the Lawton, or New Rochells Blackberry, for the past year or two, and knowing that many of the new fruits were over-praised, I made a special visit to Mr. Lawton's, a few days since, to see for myself, and I can assure you I was well paid for my trouble. There is no humbug about it; and the only wonder is, that it has not been more generally introduced and propagated before. The fruit is large and sweet. It is an enormous bearet r; indeed, the quantity (considering the large size of the fruit) surprized me, and the berries were perfect. Mr. Lawton informed me that they continue in bearing five or six weeks, and in favorable seasons much longer. He has some two or three acres, and will have plants to dispose of in the fall and spring. The latter, however, is the most preferable time for transplanting. Plant as early as the ground is in good working order".