AT the winter meeting of the New York State Horticultural Society in January last, there was a plate of seedling apples presented and raised by Jacob Moore, of Rochester, N. T., who said it was a hybrid between Golden Russet of N. Y. and Northern Spy, yet it does not seem to partake of either of its parents in appearance, but it has the juice and lively refreshing flavor of the Northern Spy. The brittle crispiness of the flesh, its juice and fresh, brisk, rich flavor reminds one of the old Green Newtown Pippin, as we had it a half century since, and to my taste is the best new apple I have seen in a long time. I know nothing of the habits of the tree, but if it proves hardy, healthy, vigorous and productive, and the fruit fair and handsome as the specimens presented, it will be a great acquisition to the amateur, and also as a market variety for winter use.

Rochester Pippin 260014

Fruit rather large, roundish oblate, nearly regular; skin smooth, pale greenish yellow, shaded with light brownish red in the sun, and sprinkled with a few greenish dots; stalk short and small, inserted in a large smooth cavity, a little greenish; calyx closed; basin medium or rather large, regular; flesh whitish, fine grained, crisp, tender, very juicy, with a refreshing vineous flavor, slightly aromatic and rich ; core small.