If we are surprised to hear that a peach-tree may and does attain a much larger size than a man's body, we might be still more astonished to learn that the "apple bearing" rose-tree measures sometimes a foot and a half in circumference, with a large umbrageous head like an orchard apple-tree of 20 years' growth. One has lately fallen, crushed by a fall of snow, at Sawbridgeworth, of this extraordinary size. Mr. Rivers, when noticing this in the Florist, adds that no new roses approach Prince Leon or Jules Margottin, in color, form, or habit. He says, also, that "there are nearly forty new roses sent out last autumn by the French florists; most of these are Hybrid Perpetuals, twenty of which are described aa having shades of rose color, six shades of crimson - three or four of these are seedlings of the Geant. There are also two new Summer Moss Roses by Laffay, both of which are rose colored, and a new Perpetual Moss by him, described as rouge vif centre rouge violace", superbe.' Three new Noisette Roses are also offered, one white, another a seedling from Lamarque, 'd'un beau Jaune canari,' another crimson partaking in its habit of the Bourbon family.

Three new Tea-scented Rosea are to be sent out - their characters as described are an' oft-told tale.'

"We still lack a fine crimson Tea Rose, a pure white Hybrid Perpetual, a yellow ditto, a good crimson Rosa sempervirens, a yellow Moss Rose, and some others, so that there is .a good field open to Rose growers".

The following remark, by Mr. Rivers, will find many responses: - •

"There is one remarkable peculiarity attending the cultivation of Roses; they never seem to fatigue the mind of the amateur; in youth, in the vigor of manhood, and in old age, their cheerful brilliant tints are always grateful, their perfume always exhilarating. I have only remarked a slight drawback; one, after thirty years of admiration, is apt to become fastidious, and to require great perfection in shape, in color, and in habit. I now scan a new Rose with a most critical eye; at one time a trifling difference in a Rose, if it were a new feature, was hailed with ecstasy; times are now changed, but then, Roses never were, as far as we know, so beautiful as they are at the present,day".