(See Frontispiece).

Our frontispiece this month is a drawing of a fine American seedling Geranium, named Hose Champion, raised by Mr. Cranstoun of Hoboken, N. J. It has been exhibited several times about New York, and pronounced by good judges a first rate flower. We esteem it one of the very best of its class; indeed, we do not remember a rose-colored Geranium with so fine a truss or of more brilliant color. Our engraving was made from a truss of medium size, and conveys a good idea of it. The flower is well formed, the petals are of good substance, and the color is a clear bright pink, changing to white at the point of insertion. The flower stalk is stout, and the head large and round as a ball, the flowers opening in succession for a long time. The leaves are of medium size, with a circular shading of dark velvety green. The habit of the plant is compact and dwarf,.and it is a good bloomer, coming into flower when only a few inches high. What disposition Mr. Cranstoun will make of it we do not know, but hope that by some means it will get abroad.

Rose Champion Geranium #1

We have learned that Mr. Isaac Buchanan, of New York, has purchased the stock of this fine geranium, figured in our September number, and it will, of course, be sent out, as it should be.