This is a new hybrid perpetual variety recently illustrated in the Florist, of London. It is described as a large, full, and exquisitely shaped flower, the tint being that of a delicate peach blossom, a color impossible hitherto to obtain among hybrid perpetuals. The growth of the plant is vigorous, and the constitution hardy. On account of its color, hardiness, and freedom of growth and flowering, it promises to be of undoubted value as a decorative rose for the garden. It was raised by William Paul, of London, is a genuine seedling, and the best out of several thousands of seedlings; has been three years under trial, and has thus far proved constant in character and color.

Sweet Violet - The White Czar is found by English gardeners a welcome addition on account of its color. Is of vigorous growth, and equally as large flowers as the well known blue-flowered type.

Spiraea japonica aurea variegata A beautiful form of the fine, green-leaved species, and greatly admired for its decorative effect. This plant is a hardy herbaceous perennial, with glossy, red-tinted stems, and triply three - lobed dark green leaves, richly traced throughout with gold colored veins. The flowers are produced in large, erect, densely-flowered, snow-white, plume-like racemes, thus forming an exceedingly graceful decorative table plant.