We are indebted to Mr. Dailledouze, Brooklyn, for specimens of Madame Boll and Francis 1. Roses. The latter is a rose of medium size, full, of good form, and a beautiful dark crimson color. It promises to be one of the best of its class. Madame Boll is a very large rose, full, compact, of good form, a beautiful deep rose color, and abundant bloom. One flower contained three hundred and thirty-two petals. The flower stem is short, and the flowers are completely surrounded with leaves, set up close under the buds, and the effect is very beautiful. Madame Boll we esteem a first class rose; it is just a little coarse in its texture, and that is about the only fault we can perceive in it. Both the above roses are fragrant.

"One Concerned," who writes us from Portland, must send us his name, not for publication, but to comply with a recognized rule from which we do not deem it wise to depart.

New Roses #1

Every season the foreign journals teem with lists of new roses that are described as "superior," but when obtained and flowered in our grounds do not fully sustain their published characters. If, however, we get one good one, distinct in flower and free to bloom, out of a dozen new ones, we consider the investment as a good one. The following is a list of such as from the description promise most, viz.:

Clothilde - vigorous, free-flowering, large flowers, white and rose color, or rose and salmon, occasionally exhibiting a mixture of all these colors. A Tea Rose raised from Bougere.

Aurore - same origin as above, with flowers of the Tea Rose and foliage of the Hybrid Perpetuals, flowers' large, full rose aurore.

From the list of Hybrid Perpetuals we select the following:

Comte Litta - flowers, four inches diameter, large petals, velvety purple shaded with fiery red and bordered with violet.

Jules Calot - bright carmine edged with blush.

Madame George Paul - large, full, imbricated, lively deep rose shaded and edged with blush.

Madame la Comtesse de Turenne - flowers, full, flat; delicate flesh.

The New Roses #2

A correspondent of The Garden says the following are the best of the new roses, brought out in England this year: "I must give the palm to Hybrid Perpotual, Star of Waltham; a seedling raised by William Paul, of Waltham, Cron. This is a very fine pale, bright red-colored flower, very full, with great depth of petal, and an abundance of them in it; habits, vigorous and free, as seen at a recent meeting of the Royal Botanic Society; the flower was as near perfection as a rose could well be.

Hybrid Perpetual, Mans. Claude Levet

Hybrid Perpetual, Mans. Claude Levet, is also remarkably fine; color, shaded rose, flushed with violet, large and full, and with a good free habit.

Hybrid Perpetual, Madame Jarvain

Hybrid Perpetual, Madame Jarvain, is another splendid flower; and its beautiful, pale, blush-pink tint will be certain to render it acceptable to everybody. If the testimony of our leading rosarians be of any value, this will prove to be one of the best of the new roses just being put in commerce.