In compliance with your permission and wish that I shou'd inform you of the mode adopted by me in growing roses in pots, as specimen plants, and for exhibition at our local shows in the months of May and June, I will begin by observing, that the method does not in principle differ from that so ably laid down by Mr. Beaton in a recent number, but simply so as regards little matters of detail in the difference of time recommended for the necessary operations of pruning, re-potting, etc.; and hope you will excuse my being somewhat lengthy in my observations, as I feel that omitting the most trifling operation will sometimes hazard the success of an undertaking.

My first consideration in growing "roses in pots" is to procure some pots that arc well cleaned, or, what is better still, quite new; and may here observe, that 24s are a very convenient size to commence with. I then, at the commencement of November, proceed to Messrs. Paul, of Chesliunt. Having recommended them many customers, I presume in consequence, and make. I believe, a somewhat unusual application to be allowed to select at once and take up such roses as I wish for the purpose. - a request which young Mr. Paul kindly accedes to, and accompanies me himself to assist in the selection. It is as well here to state, that experience shows me that worked roses are preferable, for pot purposes, to those grown on their own roots; and in consequence I select such as are dwarf standards only, and worked close to the collar, so that when the rose is potted the stem is scarcely visible. I also find that Tea, China, and Bourbon, or their hybrids, are better suited for forcing and pot plants than Noisette and Hybrid perpetuals. - the two last named class of roses growing to greater perfection in the open air. Amongst Tea roses I would recommend Saffrano, De-voniensis, Compte de Paris, Nephetos, and Princess Clementine as unrivalled.

Mrs. Bo-sanquet, Dutchess of Kent, with a few others amongst Chinas; Souvenir de Malmaison, Leveson Gower, and Dupetit Thouars amongst Bourbons. Of the above, Souvenir de Malmaison is unrivalled as a pot rose. Having selected my plants, I without loss of time, and before the roots have got dry, pot them (having first pruned the strong roots) in a mixture of happen to be a Bourbon or Hybrid perpetual.