This, the lost of the Society's meetings for this year, was well attended, and as an exhibition it was considerably better than the autumn display of 1852, both as regards the quality and quantity of the subjects brought forward. Miscellaneous collections of plants were plentiful and good, but the chief feature was, of course, the Dahlias, some of the specimens of which were exceedingly fine. We noticed Sir Charles Napier, Duke of Wellington, Miss Caroline, Lilac King, Plautagenet, Sir Robert Peel, Sir J. Franklin, Queen of Beauties, Queen of Lilacs, Essex Triumph, Bob, Sir F. Bathurst, and Amazon, in excellent condition. The newer kinds do not appear to be quite so large, perhaps, as Dahlias exhibited a few years ago, but they are are much closer in the petal, deeper, and certainly, to our taste, much more beautiful. The first stands were deservedly much admired. The awards were as follows:

Ameteurs, 24 blooms: 1st, Mr. J. Robinson, Pimlico, with Duke of Wellington, Admiral, Essex Triumph, Thames Bank Hero, Bob, Sir C. Napier, Scarlet King, Imbricata, Malvina, Miss Caroline, Cobden, Nepaulese Prince, Sir R. Whittington, Absalom, Red Gauntlet, Fearless, Sir R. Peel, Scarlet Gem, Mr. Herbert, Sir F. Bathurst, Annie Salter, Triumphant, Shylock, and Morning Star; 2d, Mr. James, Stoke Newington, with the following varieties, in addition to the sorts named in the first stand, viz., General Faucher, El Dorado, Yellow Standard, Mr. Selden, Sir J. Franklin, John Davis, G. Glenny, Mrs. C. Bacon, Edmund Foster, and Louisa Glenny. 12 Blooms: 1st, Mr. Battie, of Erith, with Duobess of Kent, Sir J. Franklin, Sir R. Peel, Duke of Wellington, Barmaid, Sir C. Napier, Queen of Whites, Bob, Elizabeth, Sir F. Bathurst, Fearless, and Sir R. Whittington; 2d, Mr. Holmes, Hackney, with Sir R. Whittington, Mrs. C. Bacon, Sir C. Napier, Duke of Cambridge, Wellington, E. Foster, G. Glenny, Sir F. Bathurst, General Faucher, J. Davis, Cobden, and Mr. Selden. Fancy varieties - 12 blooms in 8 varieties: 1st, Mr. J. Robinson, with Mrs. Hansard, Phaeton, Gloire de Kain, Triumphant, Duchess of Kent, Empercur de Maroc, Maid of Lodi, Floral Beauty, Laura Lavington, and Flora M'Ivor; 2d, Mr. Edwards, of Holloway, with Mrs. Hansard, Gloire de Kain, Rachel, Laura Lavington, Mrs. Willis, Reine de Beiges, Saracen, and Miss Compton.