The accompanying sketches represent a design and plan for a suburban cottage of the rural gothic style.

By glancing at the plan it will be readily seen that it is intended for the home of a gentleman of taste and refinement; whose love for flowers is shown in the addition of a pretty conservatory communicating directly with the parlor; and whose taste for literary pursuits leads him to the setting apart of a room especially adapted to the reception of books - the Library.

The following are the details of the plan-accommodation:

No. 1. Open Porch, 6 feet by 8 1/2.

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No. 2. Hall, 13 feet by 18. Directly facing the entrance, glazed sliding doors open into the Library, No. 5, 13 feet by 15.

No. 3 is the Drawing-room, 14 feet by 19. Folding-doors lead from this room into the conservatory, No. 4, 14 feet by 17.

The flower shelves are arranged around the sides, while in the centre may be placed a fountain and basin, or a stand with an aquarium; either would have a very pretty effect seen through the Drawing-room arch.

No. 6 is the Staircase Hall, containing stairs to the chambers and cellar; this communicates with the Porch, No. 11.

No. 7 is a Dining-room, 14 feet by 16, connecting with a Waiting-room, No. 8, which is furnished with a Dumb Waiter, rising from the kitchen.

No. 9 is Pantry, 5 feet by 6.

No. 10. Back entry for the private use of the family.

No. 12. Back Porch.

Rural Gothic Cottage 140090

The second floor contains four good-sized chambers, each with a closet or a Dressing-room.

As the partitions are similar to those on the first floor, no separate plan is necessary.