I send a fine specimen of this superior large pear; its acquaintance will be worth one year's subscription to your friends - ripe in all October. It does well as a dwarf, and the fruit is as fine 12 inches from the ground as 12 feet; not so with many other sorts, vis.:- Beurre Capiaumont does not succeed as a dwarf; neither fruit nor foliage remains perfect on the tree 6 feet from the ground, but the same tree, when it reaches the height of 8 to 16 feet, is a perfect picture of luxuriant foliage, golden fruit with garnet cheeks and fine quality; large, full, and plump; no deformity; so that the same tree in the months of August and September has no milage near the ground, with fruit cracked, hard sided, black spotted, with a top lustrous with green foliage and pendent with its golden fruit.

We are only in the infant state in regard to fruit culture in this thinking country? Our people will yet be the first fruit growers of the world, and there is no impracticable feature in the banks of the Schuylkill to Fort Clinton being all vineyards; even the eastern slopes of the Alleghanies will make admirable vineyards. Your grandchildren will see it, and drink the wines therefrom.