Many good pictures exist of Rural Ornaments for gardens, and yet strange to say, rarely are perfect and satisfactory specimens to be seen. The fastidious eye is offended by some detail in many instances; in others the wrong situation has been selected, or the place is in disorder with neglected vines. Some one has happily said that it is difficult to look at any objects with pleasure (unless where it arises from brutal or tumultuous emotions,) without feeling that disposition of mind, which tends towards kindness and benevolence, and surely whatever creates such a disposition, by increasing our pleasures and enjoyments, cannot be too much cultivated, Every one has seen specimens of castings in Berlin iron, but large examples rarely find their way to this country. The annexed Fig. 1 represents a garden gate between the residences of two intimate friends on the banks of the Elbe near Dresden, in Saxony; each family has a key, and the gate being kept always locked intruders are excluded. The material is Berlin iron of the finest kind; the taste appeared to us perfect, and may safely be imitated.

The castings of lampposts and various other things in Berlin are often examples of perfect beauty.

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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 2.

In the same garden occurs a beautiful summer house, Fig. 2, The front with the statue faces the house; ascending the stairs you find yourself screened from the dwelling and overlooking the beautiful Elbe below. The summer house stands on a terraced wall at a bend of the river, and you enjoy a view up the stream towards the virgin castle of Koeaig-stein and Saxon Switzerland, small steam and sail boats passing almost at your feet.

Our third example (Fig. 8) is a garden arbor, partly of carved wood, which stands near the avenue leading from the Brandenburg gate to the Thier-garten near Berlin.

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Fig. 3.

Berlin is celebrated for its manufacture of rustic seats, tables, etc, no less than for its drawing room furniture. They are very tempting to the traveller; some of them found their way by the circuitous route of Bremen to our own premises. Fig. 4 gives a fair representation of the more rustic.

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Fig. 4.