There was a large collection of Orchids offered for sale by auction, at Mr. Stevens's Sale Rooms, King street, Covent Garden, on the 4th inst There were two parcels, one consisting of East Indian, and the other Brazilian. Among the latter there was a fine specimen of Cattleya Leopoldii sold for 1 10s., and other 2 10s. A large mass of Cattleya amethystina, 1 10s., and another of the same fetched 1 13s. A a new species of Cattleya, 2. Laelia purpurata, 2. Of the Fast Indian, Aerides, Foa-brush species, a fine plant, brought 2 17s, 6d., another of the same, 2 8s., and a third 3. Saccolabium rubrum, 2 17s 6d., 2 8s., and 2 4s. Dendrobium aggregatum major, 1 6s., and 1 2s. Vanda, new species, with yellow flowers, 2 15s., 1 16s., 1 12s., and 1 10s. - lb.

Sale Of Orchids #1

A fourth portion of Messrs. Loddiges' orchids, and also the collection of a "well known amateur," have been brought to the hammer, in London. Of the prices they realised, the following are a few of the more important: Aerides Schraderi brought 31 10s.; A. quinquevulnera (the best variety), 16 15s.; Coelogyne Lowi, 22 1s.; Vanda violacea, 20; V. suavis (Veitch's variety), 15 5s.; the larger variety of Saccolabium guttatum, 17 17s.; Dendrobium Dalhousieanum, 12; D. Farmeri, 8; Phalaenopsis amabilis, 13; Angriecum caudatum, 9; Cattleya spectabilis (a kind in the way of marginata), 11; C. labiata, 10 10s.; Cypripedium caudatum, 5 5*.; Laelia grandis, 5 10s.; and Onoidium Lanceanum majus, 5 5s.; other lots fetched from 10s. to 3 per lot.