Mr. Stevens, at his auction rooms. King Street, Covent Garden, sold on the 17th, 149 lots of Orchids and Ferns, besides the plant above named, which was thus described in the catalogue - "By order of the Council of the Horticultural Society Of London. - Fremontia Caliifornica, a new and unique shrub (Torrey in Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, vol. v., p. 2); Of this most remarkable plant, a solitary individual was raised in 1851, in the garden of the Horticultural Society, from a seed received from Mr. Robert Wrench. In April 1854, it produced flowers for the first time, as large as those of Trollius Asiaticus, brilliant yellow inside, apricot color outside, with the addition of some cinnamon-colored down; and their substance was so thick, that each flower remained in perfection for weeks." It sold for 37 16s.

The following are the prices for which some of the Orchids were sold: - AErides Lindleyi, 6 10s.; AErides nobile, 9; Ae. Schroderi, 31; and another specimen, 27; Phalanopsis ama-bilis, 12 10s.; Cymbidium eburneum, 14; Aerides maculosum major, 18; Vanda suavis, 13 16s.; Aerides Lobbii, 17 10s.

The highest prices given for the Ferns were: - Lastersea villosa, 3 5s.; Gleiohenia speluncse, "very rare," 3 10s.; Cyathea arborea, "very rare," 3; Gleichenia dichotoma, 1; Todea pellucida, 1; Diplazium brevisarum, 1 16*.

The Orchids and Ferns sold, altogether, for about 470.