In the Frontispiece is depicted one of the most attractive scenes, which are characteristic of Philadelphia's famous cemetery. Celebrated equally with Mt. Auburn, near Boston, or Greenwood, near New York, it shares a national reputation for its beauty of adornment, its size and location. It is situated on a sloping hillside, fronting the Schuylkill river, a little northward of the city. The ground was originally divided into three sections, north, south and center Laurel Hill; but demand for space has overflowed all accommodation, until a new tract has been added - West Laurel Hill Cemetery, which alone contains 110 acres.

In the immediate neighborhood are other smaller cemeteries, with cultivated rural aspect: Monument cemetery, which is somewhat notable, from the fact that it contains a fine granite monument to the memories of Washington and Lafayette. Also, Mount Peace, Mount Vernon, Glenwood, Mount Moriah and Woodland, are each of great beauty and located in the suburbs of the city. The Laurel Hill cemeteries are located, so as to be forever free from the disturbance of ever-increasing city buildings and city streets. They are beautifully planned, laid out, decorated and ornamented with trees and shrubs, which, interspersed among the monuments or statuary, afford a feast to the eyes of any lover of rural taste.