This is a flourishing Society, but the severe drouth of last summer was a serious detriment to the fall exhibition. As an evidence of the taste and spirit which prevail in that region, we clip the following from the report of the Executive Committee.

"The Court room, under the skillful and tasteful hands of the young ladies of Towanda, was most beautifully decorated with evergreens and flowers. In the center of the room was a beautiful Floral Temple, raised upon a mound of moss. From the mouth of a rich Horn of Plenty poured luscious fruits and beautiful flowers, in every variety, down the green slope of the mound. Several cages of beautiful birds, furnished for the occasion by Mr. James Nevins, of Towanda, and hidden among the winding evergreens, poured forth strains of sweet song, lending a most cheerful and pleasureable effect to the already delightful scene. The spacious room, during the evening, was brilliantly illuminated, presenting to the beholder a beautifully varied and gorgeous picture. Immediately in front of the Judge's desk, and near the entrance to the room, were long tables richly laden with the most costly productions of ingenuity, skill, and labor. Here was seen the handiwork of the fair women of our county, in every variety of form and grade of workmanship - the most delicate and richly wrought needlework, requiring months of assiduous application and labor, with the no less surprisingly beautiful products of the spinning-wheel and loom.

Here, too, was seen in tempting profusion, breads of every variety, from wheat of alabaster whiteness, to the rich and inviting brown loaf of the rye; cakes, preserved fruits, raspberry and other vinegars, pickles, preserved meats, soaps, and numerous other articles of the household department- all demonstrating the superior skill of the fair contestants. A large number of paintings and drawings, some of them by yonng ladies of this county, were on exhibition, many of them evincing superior artistic skill, and all deserving praise. A beautiful sample of cocoons and manufactured silk was exhibited by Mrs. Adelaide Delpeuch, of Sheshequin, deserving the highest regard of the Committee. The articles on exhibition in the Ladies' department, considerably exceeded in number and variety those of last year, especially those of the more useful character. The large number of articles in this department, compels the Committee to forego their desire to give them a more detailed notice".