Differing widely from the preceding, this low-growing, spreading plant quickly occupies its al-loted space, and unlike many others may easily be kept in that line. It is of a pale whitish green color, and looks well all the year round. About the middle or end of May it flowers abundantly, the bloom being of a grayish tint, not by any means unsightly, but rather the reverse when viewed from a distance. The plant prefers a dry situation, and grows very fast, so that when once it has established itself it quickly covers the given space, and it does not seem to die off when it becomes old. Although I have had it in use for several years, I have never known the center or old portion of the plant die off or grow into an unsightly lump ; on the contrary, it would preserve its original height of about two inches, and the flower does not rise more than two inches higher. The plant appears to accommodate itself even to the most prominent point of rock-work, where there is only a very small quantity of soil. I have used it occasionally in winter gardening, and the gray hue of the plant was seen to advantage when the soil was dark-colored with moisture.

For a permanent edging it is all that can be desired in habit.