I inclose you a small sample of a dried Apple, which you will see is quite remarkable for its whiteness. [Almost as white as snow. - Ed.] I received it from Mr. L. Nob-bib, of Windsor, Ohio, who assures me it was dried in the usual way. It is the product of a seedling Apple which is remarkable for this peculiarity - of retaining almost a snowy whiteness when dried. It cooks tender, and altogether must be a very desirable variety for this purpose, as it is also quite a good eating Apple. I have thought it worthy of a notice in your journal, and therefore copy Mr. Norris' remarks upon it in his letter covering the scions which he very kindly sent me. He names it White Beauty, and adds: - "It is a native of the Township of Windsor, Ashtabula County, Ohio, where the original tree is now growing on the farm of S. A. Lathrop. Its fruit is very highly esteemed by all who have tested its value, for all culinary uses. It differs from all other Apples we have seen, in the beautiful Whitsness it retains when dried, and its tenderness in cooking. The fruit is of medium size. Form - globular, with a smooth and regular surface. Color - dull greenish. dotted with grevish specks. Stem medium SIZE, three-fourths of an inch long, set in a shallow and regular cavity.

Calyx - in a broad, open, not deep basin. Flesh - white, tender, and juicy, with a sprightly subacid flavor. In season from September to December. Mr. NoRRIs omitted to speak of the nature or habit of the tree; but, judging from the scions received, should think it a vigorous grower, with darkish shoots dotted with greyish specks.

The Jacksonian is another seedling Apple of the same town, and was raised ou the farm of the Rev. John Norris, one of the "old settlers" of the place, and a great admirer of Gen. Jackson. Hence the good old man christened his favorite Apple after the hero. Mr. L. Noreis speaks ot it as an excellent winter Apple, and describes it of medium size. Form - roundish, with the surface a little irregular and undulating. Color - a rich yellow ground, striped and splashed with a fine clear red, which on specimens exposed to the sun prevails and assumes a beautifully dark hue. Stem - short, set in a deep cavity. Calyx - in a deep basin. Flesh - white, splashed with bright red, crisp and juicy. In season, from December to March.

The same town boasts of yet another seedling Apple - a choice sweet one. The seedling tree is growing in the same orchard with the Whits Beauty. Mr. Norris speaks of it as having a rich honey-sweet taste, and thinks it stands quite unrivaled for making preserves or apple butter. It has received the name of Honey Sweet.

From the interest Mr. Norms takes in disseminating choice seeds, Ac, I have no doubt he would cheerfully supply sample scions of these fruits to those who might properly apply for them. T. EL Wetmore. - North Cannon, Michigan.