A friend recently called our attention to his bed of seedling pinks, claiming them among the most beautiful ever grown. An examination satisfied us of the correctness of his statement, as we found blooms large, compact, and regularly round in form; some with fringed petals, others without; some almost black, so dark was the shade of rich crimson ; some pure white; some creamy yellow flaked with lilac purple; one with the edge of petals deep rich crimson shading down to a light rose color at the base; one, delicate light salmon, with a broad, deep pink stripe from outer to inner edge of petal. There was not a really poor flower in the lot. The success and uniformity of good flowers obtained by our friend he attributes to the "very superior character of the seed, which he obtained of James Vick, Rochester, it evidently having been gathered by some careful and judicious hand from good stocks, and not as the majority of seeds are, from any and everything having seed." Of this we have nothing to say, only to add our item of testimony to Mr. Vick's general reliability ; but certainly we never saw a much better collection, even of named sorts, and therefore put the case on record.