Having determined to send out my New Seedling Rose Dr. Kanb, the following spring by subscription, I am now prepared to receive subscriptions for the same.

The Dr. Kane is a very LARGE SULPHUR YELLOW ROSE, of most exquisite Fragrance, and most constant Bloom.

Being in bloom from June until frost it is also a much hardier rose than Solfatare.

The Petals of this rose are of great substance and depth, forming an uncommonly large and very double flower, which continues for a long time.

I do not deem it necessary at this time to oiler certificates from others, with regard to it, although I might fill two pages of this advertisement with them ; I shall send it out upon my own responsibility, believing from the many flattering notices that I have received from so many that got the "George Peabody Rose" last spring, (with whom it has succeeded, for which see circulars now ready,) that the same parties will have confidence in me, when I state that it is entirely Distinct and a most Attractive Rose, and one that will, when known, become a Great Favorite.

One gentleman (well qualified to judge) made the remark to me two years ago, " that it was the best rose I had upon my premises." I sent blooms of it last spring to the Editor of the Horticulturist, and would refer to his remarks on page 290 of the June number of the Horticulturist.

The rose will be ready for delivery from the middle of March, and I will send to all subscribers, in strict rotation, a good strong plant at lead one year old and grown upon it* own root*, at the following price:

For Single Plant,...... $1 50.

6 Plants,......7 60.

" 12 or more,.....1 each.

I will also send one plant of the Dr. Kane, and one plant of the George Peabody to one address for $2 50.

Very many have already ordered the Rose, and the orders will be booked as received, and the plants sent in strict rotation.

Early orders solicited, as the number of plants is limited, and-1 shall send out none except as above stated.

N.B. - I have also on hand an extensive assortment of all the choice leading varieties of Roses, Greenhouse and Bedding Plants, worthy of Cultivation.

Catalogues for 1860 now ready, and will be sent on application.


Jan., Feb., March & April.



The subscriber devotes his attention exclusively to the improvement of Country Residences, Parks, Cemeteries, etc. His designs are drawn up so as to be practically applicable to the purposes for which they are intended; the position of every tree and shrub carefully indicated, withaccompanying references and remarks explanatory of the particular features to be developed, and a list of the kind and quantity of plants required for their completion.

References furnished if required.


The New Seedling Rose Dr Kane 150061GERMANTOWN.




For THE HORTICULTURIST Published by C.M. SAXTON. New-York..