A Young Florist, (New. York.) We recommend one dozen hardy ever-blooming rosea, as follows: Perpetual* - Madam Laftay, Giant des Batailles, Baron Pre-vost, William Jesse, La Reine, Duchess of Sutherland, Aubernon; Bourbons - Madame Des-prez, Bouqet de Flore, Souvenir de Malmaison, Pierre de St. Cyr, Mrs. Bosanquet. A dozen best Roses for pot culture, are the following: Saffrano. Princesse Marie, Souvenir de Malmaison, Devoniensis, Compte de Paris, Mrs. Bosan-quet, Eugene Beauharnois, Niphelos, Queen of Lorabardy, Herinosa; and for larger pots the branches to be tranced, Solfaterre, and Cloth of Gold. The beat hardy Climbing Roses for " the most northern states," are Boursalt Elegans, Blush Boursalt, Queen of the Prairies, Baltimore Belle, Snperba, and Eva Corlnne. Wiegela rosea, is, so far as tried, hardy all over the north. Select Fruits. - Ibid. The best half-dozen Strawberries for family use, are Large Early Scarlet, Burr's New Pine, Hovey's Seedling, Hadson, Crimson Cone. The best half-dozen Plums, do., Green Gage, Imperial Gage. Pur* pie Favorite, Smith's Orleans, Coe's Golden Drop, Frost Gage.