The associations with the beauty of trees about our rural homes enter deeply into the best elements of our character; and we hope that what we have written may induce some of our readers to plant trees, for the purpose of increasing the beauty and the appearance of seclusion and quiet of the homes of their wives and children. The object, however, of this communication is for those who live on farms, who have few books and little leisure. It will accomplish the purpose for which it was written, if it awaken them to a deeper sense of the value of some of the blessings by which they are surrounded, and lead them, or any of them, to resolve to preserve the old trees and plant new.

. The immense variety, the many and important uses, and the great beauty of our forest trees, must naturally attract the attention of an observer; and as the preservation and improvement of our farms and the country, on a system wisely begun and long continued, not by one, but by many men, not in one village or town, but in a county or state; it is wise in not acting merely for the present, but in extending its forethought generations onward, making its knowledge and wisdom an invested capital for coming generations, what they, when looking back, shall wish it had been done for them.