The preservation of Fruits, without sugar or spirits, is a matter of great importance, and we are happy to see it attracting attention. We expressed the belief a short time ago that the ingenuity of our people, proverbial as it is, would soon perfect some method, and this is now so. Every family in the land who grow fruits will soon be in the enjoyment of fresh Strawberries and Peaches in the depth of winter. New Self-sealing Cans are advertised in our pages this month; they strike us as possessing some important advantages, and we hope to test them satisfactorily this season. We recommend them to the attention of our readers.

July with its beauties from Nature is upon us! The harvest anticipated with so much deep interest by the farmer and consumer is all that could be hoped for, and gladness fills the land with but one note of thankfulness. Fruits promise well; Pears will be more abundant than for many years; Peaches in most of the Middle States more than an average crop, and Apples in most sections the same. Whether prices for the staples of life will materially recede is a question soon to be decided; our own opinion is that they will, but disturbing causes abroad may disappoint the best founded expectations. We shall as a producing country have much to sell, and it would appear that the United States, as a whole, are just now in a most prosperous condition, however much individuals have been suffering:

"All nature is but art unknown to thee;

All chance, direction which thou canst not see;

All discord, harmony not understood;

All partial evil, universal good".