The change which has come over the world in regard to machinery to abridge labor, is one of the evidences of a better educated community than once existed among us. It is not many years since certain people always asked if a newspaper was printed on machine-paper, and if it was they rejected it as an imposition, because it deprived laborers of work. All this is discarded as antiquated imposture, and we have now the sewing machine in most well regulated families. Wheeler & Wilson's, which we see advertised in our fly sheets, has a large popularity, and we are assured by those who work with it that it is all that, can be desired. We hope it is used where the Horticulturist is taken, for then the ladies will have more time to read about the garden than if they were always stitch, stitching! Wheeler and Wilson's machines work rapidly, and with little fatigue to the worker.

Sewing Machines #1

We have one of Weeds patent (a new one) under examination, and purpose soon to go over this ground for the benefit of our readers. Horticulturists are as much entitled to labor-saving machinery as any body else.