THE Silver Wedding Anniversary of the American Pomoligcal Society, was celebrated in Boston, on the 10th, 11th and 12th of September, with unusual splendor and interest. Never before has there been gathered together so many objects of pomo-logioal and horticultural value; while the audience, gathered from the friends and members of the Society, from all parts of the United States, was both the largest and most appreciative of any that have yet attended its meetings. The display of fruit was fairly overpowering, and the exhibition of plants, flowers and decorations in Music Ball, was of the most recherche character, well calculated to draw out the utmost enthusiasm. The various rooms where the exhibition was held, were thronged with visitors from the city and suburbs; and it is doubtful if any strictly promological or horticultural exhibition ever drew so large attendance. From eight o'clock in the morning till after ten at night, the fruit and plant rooms were filled with wondering visitors, whose curiosity was stimulated to the greatest stretch, and probably thousands formed a better idea of the great extent of the horticultural interests of the country than could have been gained by any other means.