WE have a small well ventilated greenhouse, double pitch roof, 50 x 11 feet, fully occupied only in February and March for starting vegetable plants for our market garden; balance of the year as yet unprovided for; house generally filled with lettuce; location four miles from Harrisburgh, Pa.; too far for the cut flower trade, and besides market gardeners as a general rule don't very well understand the management of an assortment of flowers. There are thousands of market gardeners through the colder States that use greenhouses as above, and look to The Horticulturist for advice and assistance, and while these might not succeed with a general assortment of flowers, could do well with some specialty. The propagation and culture of some new rose, for instance, for the trade by mail. Cannot some of the many old greenhousemen among your subscribers give us a hint. Many of your readers are owners of small greenhouses; they would like to use them to advantage, and I am sure would be greatly interested in the replies.

After a little ventilation, if some greenhousemen would advertise in your columns desirable stock which they could sell us for the purpose named, or give us on a percentage, they would find plenty of takers, more I am sure than they have any idea of.

The question is, what will it pay us market gardeners best to raise in our small greenhouses, from the middle of April to the first of February following, location within four or five miles of any large country towns. Market Gardener.

Small Greenhouses A Question For The Horticulturis 280021