These celebrated gardens extend along a valley which runs from El-Bownach to Bethlehem. It is the most charming spot in all Palestine. There are murmuring streams winding through verdant lawns; there are the choicest fruits and flowers, the hyacinth and the anemone, the fig tree and the pine. Towering high above the garden, and contrasting grandly with its soft aspect, are the dark precipitous rocks of the neighboring mountains, around whose summits vultures and eagles incessantly scream, and describe spiral circles in the air. The rare plants and flowers, which Solomon collected within these gardens, were protected from the north wind by the mountains. Every gust of the south wind was loaded with perfume. With the first breeze of spring the fig tree puts forth its fruits, and the vines begin to blossom. It was, in the words of Scripture, "a garden of delights." The vegetations of the north and south were intermingled. One part of the garden was called Walnut-tree Walk (or, as the English Scripture translation has it, "The Garden of Nuts",) another is the " Beds of Spices." The present tenant is an Englishman, Mr. Goldsmith, of the house of Goldsmith & Son, who is under-draining the garden on the Yorkshire system.

Since the eastern war, Mr. Goldsmith has obtained the custom of the Pacha of Jerusalem for vegetables. Last year he had seven crops of potatoes - thanks to his wonderful drainage.