Groves of any considerable extent, old enough to be in full bearing, are far from numerous. Three or four on the Gulf coast, and as many in East Florida, are all that I have any account of. That of Mr. Dummet, about thirty miles south of New Smyrna, is said to be the most flourishing and valuable one in the State. The largest one on the Gulf coast is at Fort Myers, and consists of between four and five hundred orange, lemon, and lime trees. It might be made very valuable, but is now in a neglected condition. At Sarasota Bay, a Dr. Snell has a grove consisting of three hundred orange and upward of a hundred fine lemon trees. A gentleman who visited it last winter says that the lemon trees were bent to the ground with their immense loads of fruit, and that the orange trees, though not so productive, had a good crop. These trees have had no care for the last Jive years, and my informant pronounces the grove " a standing monument of the occupant's laziness and stupidity."Dr. Snell does not reside on the place.