Five dollars to Robert Buist, for a very fine collection of seedling Calceolarias; two dollars to John Pollock: two dollars to Wm. Armstrong, gr. to. Alex. Brown, for a display of Verbenas. New Plants - shown for the first time; a premium of three dollars to John Pollock, for Fuchsias, Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and Mrs. Story; ami one dollar to Hark Hilt, gr. to M. W. Baldwin, for Veronica hybrids,.

By The Committee On Fruits

Special Premisens three dollars to Mack Hill, for seven varieties of Grapes; and two dollars to Wm. Grassie. gr. to Jno. Tucker, for three bunches of While Prontlgnao Grapes.

By The Committee On Vegetables

Rhubarb, twelve stalks - for the best to Saml. Cooper; for the second best to A. L. Felten. Cucumbers - for the best to Chas. Sutherland, gr. to Jno. Anspach. Asparagus, twenty-four stalks - for the best to James Jones, gr. st Girard College. Mushrooms - tor the best to James Thomas, gr. to J. D. Whetham. Display by a market gardener - for the best to A. L. Felten. And. a special premium or two dollars, for six very fine heads of cauliflowers, to J. J. Habermehl.

One gentleman elected a member-.