Another Horticultural Society was organized in this far-distant State on the 26th of March, I860. It is a good movement in the right direction, and has our best wishes. The constitution adopted was very brief, and substantially the same as that adopted recently by the St. Paul Society. The following officers were elected: President, A. E. Ames; Vice-President, B. 0. Cutter; Secretary, C. L. Anderson; Cor. Secretary, J. G. Williams; Treasurer, R. W. Cummings. The following standing committees were then appointed; Flowers, A. E. Ames, Miss Kimball, Mrs. At water, D. S. B. Johnston, Mrs. Sarah H. Williams, Mrs. L. Bostwick, and Mrs. W. D. Garland. Fruit*, A. D. Foster, D. Morrison, Capt. Rolina, D. M. Coolhaugh, Dr. Chute, D. Hurlbut, and R. J. Mendenball. Vegetables, C. Hoag, Capt. Tapper, G. Reichard, R. P. Russell, S. Barnes, Edward Murphy, and Wyman Elliot. A resolution was passed, "That all editors using their papers to advance the interests of this Society, and who wish it, may become members free of expense." The Secretary informs us that, " After visiting and admiring the beautiful and well-arranged greenhouse of Dr. Ames, where a great variety of rare and costly flowers were in bloom, the Society adjourned, to meet at the same place on Wednesday, April 4th, at 2 o'clock P. M. All persons wishing to become members can either be present or send in their names.

Ladies may become members, and they are respectfully solicited to cooperate with the Society. It is expected that the persons appointed on the Committees of Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables will gather all the information within their reach, pertaining to their different departments, and report at as early a day as possible to the Society. Steps will be taken to publish everything of interest." The meetings of the Society will be held on the first Wednesday of each month.