This Society has made some alterations in its Constitution, having adopted substantially that of the Cincinnati Society. They have also made some alterations in their list of officers, which are now as follows: President, Alex. Buchanan. Vice Presidents, Alex. Ramsey, D. A. Robertson, and Henry Acker. Recording Secretary, Stephen Hewson. Corresponding Secretary, L. M. Ford. Treasurer, J. W. McClung. Librarian, E. De Mortimer. Executive Committee, D. C. Greenleaf, J. W. Selby, Jno. S. Prince, Mrs. J. W. Bond, and Mrs. J. W. Selby. On Fruits, H. F. Masterson, Henry L. Moss, N. J. T. Dana, T. M. Newsoo, and John W. Nichols. On Vegetables, M. D. Clark, J. G. Trevor, C. H. Schur-meier, L. Harding, and Wm. Wakefield. The Executive Committee recommended the election of a number of distinguished horticul-(turists as honorary members; in the list is the name of the editor of this magazine, a compliment which he will be very happy to acknowledge in suitable terms. After the transaction of some routine business, the society adjourned to meet in April. Mr. Ford exhibited a small collection of flowers, which we hope will increase in size at each succeeding meeting.