The varieties of Amaryllis raised from A. pardina are likely to form the most useful race of all. They flower very freely, which is not the case with the older and better known forms; and, better still, they flower freely in winter and early spring.- The Garden.

Red Spider - Amateurs, who are troubled with red spider upon their Fuchsias, and wonder, without satisfaction, as to the causes of the dropping of the leaves, will find some consolation in this advice of the American Farmer: If they would look on the outside of the leaves carefully, when the first sign of distress is noticed, they might discover the cause in the shape of almost infinitessimal insects called red spiders, which suck the juices entirely out of the leaves of plants upon which they are allowed to remain. They increase very fast in a high, dry atmosphere. The remedy is clear water, forcibly applied to the foliage, more particularly the under sides, as often as necessary. Syringe plants freely in the morning before the sun shines upon them, and in the evening after the sun has gone off of them. Clear water and the syringe are great aids in floriculture.