"But I must give you some idea of the new plants from Japan, and all along the front stage; for about collections, if you read over again the reports of the May shows for the last seven years, and suppose you are reading of this Show, you will not be two plants behind the time you are reading. To begin at the beginning I must take the northeast corner of the house, and there were six huge pot-baskets with Aoectochili under great glasses from Messrs. Veitch, and by the side of them three small plants of the purple Maple of Japan, Acer japonica; and from a large specimen of it from the Pine Apple Place Nursery, one could accept it as a rival to our purple Beech. Then three Libocedrus tetragona - the true source of the Alerse wood, of which you heard so much from the Spanish contribution to the first Crystal Palace in 1851. It is as upright as a dart, and of a lively green, and seemingly a very fast grower. Three plants of a new Silver Fir from Vancouver's Island; a very curious little Thuja; and three of a most curious Cryptomeria japonica - more like a Retinospora than a Cryptomeria, and an evergreen, a bedding plant with little green about it, but the most beautifully variegated plant, as like the variegated Periwinkle as you can draw it, and all the time a new Euonymus. Get a stock of this shrub, and all you will have to do to edge the ribbon after the planting is finished is to put in a row of cuttings of this very thing; every one of them will root so, and while they are doing that and for the rest of the season you have the very best variegated edging 1 can think of.

The same plants will do half a dozen years, as the kind seems quite a dwarf. This, and Mr. Bull's Agathaea or variegated Cineraria amelloides, and Mr. Salter's Veronica chamaedrys variegata are three gems, take my word for it. How most strange it seems to call the dear old Cineraria amelloides, now termed variegated, by its true name, while the wrong old name would alone sell a thousand of it ere people can call to memory the new name - Agathaea, and then not know if it is the fashionable pronunciation! How often have I asserted that it is the best of all plants to keep in pots in readiness to fill up in a hurry, as all the soil can be shaken from the roots in the hottest day in July or August, and one watering after planting it so is sufficient to keep it unflagging.

"After these stood the forty or fifty plants arrived from Japan on the previous Friday. What a fortunate man Mr. Fortune has been, that he can send from the ends of the earth plants fit for the present exhibition. The Parasol Pine took my eye first - that is Sciadopitys verticillata; a fine variegated Gordonia sp., a variegated Eurya sp., a variegated Osmanthus angustifolia, like a genteel form of a silvery holly. The dwarf variegated Bamboo in bunches, a new evergreen Berberis, several kinds of variegated Camellias, a variegated Tea plant, Thea viridis, two or three kinds of variegated Podocarpus, a variegated Daphne, ditto Eleagnus, a green and a variegated Retinospora something, variegated Illi-cium, golden Podocarpus, Thujopsis dolabrata variegata - the finest variegated plant of the creation - nothing on earth can beat this for gemiferous looks; Au-cuba japonica foemina to cross and get seeds from at last, and a beautiful mate for the ' Magnolia spottifolia' of Mr. Walter Dickson, and ever so many more of the same selections of garden gems which the Japanese value as much as we do our variegated Geraniums and other soft-wooded plants.

" Next to these stood three more plants from the Messrs. Jackson, of Kingston - a fine-looking Quercus bambussefolia, a long soft-leaved Buxus from Nepal, and Juniperus drupacea, a strong upright grower. Then some extraordinary queer thing growing in jointed flaps against a deal board, from Mr. Williams, of the Paradise Nursery, said to be from Manilla.

"Then a collection of thirty-two kinds of most rare and ornamental plants from the Messrs. Veitch, consisting of Selaginella atro-viridis and Lobbii, also conferta and caulescens - as much like fine Ferns as Lycopods; Lycopodium phlegmana - a tree Lycopod, Lomaria falcata - a miniature tree Fern, exquisite and Leptopteris superba - a filmy Fern under a glass cap; Sonerilas, Medulla' rium, Physurus, Sarracenas of many sorts, Campylobotrys, Gardenia radicans variegata - a Japanese of course, Ouvirandra, the water-lace leaf of Madagascar, the Australian Pitcher-plant, Cephalotus folicularis, which stood out several winters in Cornwall with the late Sir William Molesworth, a Venus' fly-trap Dionasa - fine-looking and fine to the touch, Maranta ornata, with long upright footstalks to the handsome leaves, Caladium Veitchi, of the shine of Alocasia, and the Ade-laster albivenis lately before the Floral Committee.

"After these another collection from the same exotic growers - say Selaginella Wallichii, a mimosa-leaf-like plant, a love of a thing; Caladiums, Pitcherp lants, a fine Pteris argyrsea, and cretica albo-lineata: Caladium Bellemeyi done to a T, also the argyrites; Colocasia edulis variegata, a splendid thing; and the Alocasia metallica with eight leaves, colored as it is in 'The Illustrated Bouquet,' and not of that dark brown dusty out-of-the-world looks you sometimes meet with where the plant is starved with cold and wet.

"Mr. Jackson followed up from Kingston with Lonchitis aurita, fine; Colocasia antiquorum, variegated and very fine; Asplenium.filix-foemina, a most delicate frizzly Fern; and a good Pteris cretica albo-lineata - the variegated Fern, which I am just going to compete with my variegated Nosegay out of doors.

"Mr. Bull next, with a prickly-leaved Hippomane, like some Brexia, of which a huge plant was in a distant collection; Campylobotrys of sorts; Theophrastas ditto; a large Lomaria heteromorpha; Araucaria Cunninghamii, new to me, and seems a robust thing; young Palms of sorts and other sorts of that run; and six plants of Arthrotaxus Donnii; and a fine lot of Agathsea coelestis, or the variegated Cineraria amelloides, getting better and better as the season goes on. Mr. Bull ought to make a fortune out of that one plant - the most useful plant and the easiest to grow and to keep you can think of.

" Then a fine lot of upright Gloxinias from the Messrs. Smith, of Dulwich, and from Messrs. Milne, Arnott & Co.; then a stumpy tree Fern, Todea pellu-cida, from Mr. Standish; then a large collection from Mr. Henderson, of Pine Apple Place Nursery, including the aforesaid large plant of Purple Maple, Acer japonica, a.beautiful variegated Yucca filamentosa, and the bright silvery-leaved Acer negundo, and a variegated Coboea scandens. Then assortments of the newest Roses, of which Eveque de Nimes was very choice, and the next two, Madame Bonnaire (H. P.) and Triomphe de Lyon (H. P).

"The collection from the Wellington Road Nursery succeeded; and here were the very fancy Petunias, double and single, plain and spotted, edged and striped, and of the liveliest shades of color. What really nice things there are now in this one family! , The very elegant basket plant, Convolvulus mauritanicus, with the light blue of the finest campanula, a love of a plant, just a lady's gem of a thing; Caladiums in all their spots; Begonias, ditto; Chanuecyparis spheroidea a new fine Conifer; Blandfordia nobilis, in good bloom; the Bellemeyi Caladium particularly good; Lady Emily Peel, the best of the Shrubland Rose breed of Petunias; Sphrerostema marmorata, a fine climber; Amtfryllids and several others of the improved seedlings of garden plants; then a huge plant of Orchis foliosa, with sixteen flower-spikes, from Mr. Williams aforesaid; and a large Dendrobium nobile, from Mr. Hedge, Norwich Road, Ipswich, as you go out to Shrubland Park. Then the grand monarch of all this grandeur - the grand Lselia purpurea with thirty-six blooms on it, from Mr. Warner, who is one of our Committee, and was as deep in the procession as W is low in the alphabet, for we all went in for it, dictionary fashion.

By it was the variety called after Mr. Day, who first bloomed it, and also a fine variety of Cattleya, which he calls after Mr. Fairrie, of Liverpool, for his blooming the kind for the first time. But at this point every body I ever knew seemed to meet and wished to have a chat, so I may be wrong in Days and Fairries; but I threw away my book and ran out of the house, and I must find it before I go further".